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Turn biomass into energy with the updated PP30 Power Pallet

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The All Power Labs updated PP30 Power Pallet is your solution for converting biomass into clean, renewable energy.

Biomass (organic material) can be used to generate electricity and heat for farms. Every farm has significant plant material left over from harvesting, manure and other biomass debris. Farmers can supplement their energy production from wind power, solar panels or hydro turbines by investing in a biomass generator like the PP30.

How does the PP30 biomass power plant work?

The PP30 uses woody materials like wood chips, walnut shells and other feedstock. Manure cannot be used with the PP30 but there are many other compatible materials.

The biomass material is fed into the reactor which converts the material into bio gas. The gas is then converted into other forms of useful energy.

It’s amazing to think but during World War 2 millions of cars were actually powered directly by biomass through onboard gasifiers. These cars were literally powered by wood chips and other biomass materials.

The practical applications of modern biomass power plants include heating, electricity generation, cooling and refrigeration, water purification and much more.

A by-product of the biomass plant is biochar (the soot or ash left over) which can be used for fertilizer. The plant also produces clean water, converts gas to liquid and creates an alternative to cement.

The energy from the plant can be used to turn shafts for mechanical applications and electricity generation.

PP30 Power Pallet Features

Let’s look at some of the features and benefits of the PP30:

  • 25 kilowatt power output
  • Produces up to 2 kilowatt of heat energy
  • The PP30 can connect to your small-scale power grid or the main grid
  • Sophisticated filtration system for carbon residue (soot)
  • 4-liter 4 cylinder Ashok Leyland engine

The PP30 Power Pallet will produce about 1 kilowatt of electricity from 1 kilogram of biomass material.

This type of power plant cannot run continuously but usually from 8 to 16 hours depending on how much energy you need and the type of biomass fed into the hopper. A single hopper load is 88 gallons and this usually lasts for 6 to 8 hours.

You can order the PP30 Power Pallet from All Power Labs.

Is the PP30 Power Pallet right for me?

You will need access to a significant amount of biomass fuel in order to run this type of power plant. Farmers and people who have access to wood chips, nut shells and other hard forms of dry plant materials will find it useful to invest in a biomass power plant.

This form of renewable energy can go a long way to supplement your overall energy production from other forms of production such as solar, hydro and wind.

What’s your experience with biomass energy?

We would love to know what your thoughts are on biomass energy and products like the PP30 power pallet.

Let us know in the comments below and share your ideas, experiences and thoughts on biomass and renewable energy.

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