Catching the Wind: Success Stories in South African Wind Energy

Celebrating Achievements in the South African Wind Sector


South Africa’s wind energy sector has seen remarkable growth, contributing significantly to the country’s renewable energy portfolio. By examining successful wind energy projects, we gain insights into effective strategies, challenges overcome, and the potential for future development. This page showcases a selection of case studies highlighting successful wind energy projects across South Africa.

1. Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm

Location: Eastern Cape Province

Overview: One of the largest wind farms in South Africa, Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm boasts 60 turbines with a capacity of 138 MW, enough to power roughly 100,000 homes annually.


  • Significant contribution to the local economy through job creation.
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions, enhancing environmental sustainability.
  • Implementation of community development projects in health, education, and infrastructure.

Lessons Learned: The importance of community engagement and local economic development in renewable energy projects.

2. Cookhouse Wind Farm

Location*: Eastern Cape Province

Overview: The Cookhouse Wind Farm, with a capacity of 139 MW generated by 66 turbines, is another noteworthy project in the Eastern Cape. It’s one of the first and largest operational wind farms in South Africa.


  • Powers approximately 115,000 homes, showcasing significant energy output.
  • Active involvement in community projects, including educational scholarships and small business support.
  • Strong emphasis on environmental conservation, including bird and bat monitoring programs.

Lessons Learned: Demonstrates the potential for wind farms to not only provide renewable energy but also drive local socio-economic development and environmental stewardship.

3. Gouda Wind Facility

Location: Western Cape Province

Overview: This wind farm is a significant contributor to the Western Cape’s renewable energy supply, with 46 turbines and a capacity of 138 MW.


  • Utilises advanced technology in turbine design for efficient energy production.
  • Has created numerous direct and indirect jobs during construction and operational phases.
  • Supports local community programmes, particularly in education and healthcare.

Lessons Learned: Highlights the benefits of integrating cutting-edge technology with community-focused initiatives for sustainable project success.

4. Noupoort Wind Farm

Location: Northern Cape Province

Overview: With 35 turbines and a capacity of 80 MW, Noupoort Wind Farm is a key player in the Northern Cape’s renewable energy landscape.


  • Powers about 69,000 homes, significantly reducing reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Investment in local infrastructure improvements, including roads and community facilities.
  • Active in community engagement, focusing on education and youth development.

Lessons Learned: Emphasises the role of renewable energy projects in rural development and infrastructure enhancement.

5. Klipheuwel Wind Farm

Location: Western Cape Province

Overview: As one of the first wind energy projects in South Africa, Klipheuwel Wind Farm serves as a pioneer in the field with a modest capacity but significant impact.


  • Early demonstration of wind technology’s feasibility in South Africa.
  • Provided valuable data and insights for the development of later wind projects.
  • Enhanced local understanding and acceptance of wind energy.

Lessons Learned: Underlines the importance of pilot projects in paving the way for larger-scale renewable energy developments.


These case studies showcase the diverse and impactful nature of wind energy projects in South Africa. They highlight not only the potential for substantial renewable energy generation but also the broader benefits in terms of community development, job creation, and environmental protection. As South Africa continues to expand its renewable energy capabilities, these success stories offer inspiration and valuable lessons for future projects.

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