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All South Africans are burdened by loadshedding. We are, in a word, gatvol.

Solar is a great option for those people who can afford it. And even if you can’t afford a full system, even one small panel to charge a phone or TV will make a difference in your life.


How can I get a solar quote in South Africa?

I’ve created a useful guide for how to get a solar quote in South Africa but let’s unpack some of the important realities below.

How can I get solar in South Africa?

If you live in a nice, upmarket residential area you probably have enough money to buy a solar system that will reduce your energy costs and take you at least partially off-grid.

This is probably about 5% of the population (and 100% of politicians).

The alternative is that you rent a solar system.

Depending on your needs and the solar rental company, you might pay R1,500 to R2,500 per month. The company will manage the system on your behalf and will keep things working and all components updated.

The solar rental company will also push excess power back into the grid and make money from that – so you are effectively renting your roof space to a company and getting reliable energy in return.

Many shopping centres and complexes are going the solar rental route.

If you live in an area that is NOT wealthy and you don’t have a lot of money yourself you have the option of looking at portable solar.

This means you get a few portable solar panels and a battery and use it to charge any small devices such as your phone or TV.

If you have enough money you can also get an inverter which will convert the DC power from your batteries to AC power so you can power something like a small fridge. This is also useful for people who are camping or traveling.

Will the government give me solar?

No. They will not. You are on your own.

Sorry, but that’s the reality. The sooner South Africans accept this fact, the sooner we will become more self-sufficient like our neighbouring countries are.

Should I install my own solar?

We don’t recommend you try and install your own solar simply because electricity is dangerous and it could shock you or cause a fire.

Use a qualified electrician or solar installer, especially if you are installing a larger system.

You can set up your own small portable solar system but if you go large you start getting into trouble if you don’t know what you’re doing.

How can I pay for solar?

Solar, if it is done properly, is not cheap. This means you might need to rely on solar financing, solar rental, a loan from the bank or increase your home loan.

Solar is an investment in your property BUT don’t take shortcuts. If you get some solar panels and batteries from the flea market and ask your cousin to do an install for you – you’re in trouble. Rather don’t bother until you can afford to get the right solar system installed.

How else can we use the power from the sun?

Solar geysers, solar cookers and solar heating devices use the HEAT energy from the sun instead of electricity. This is a great option for many people who want to save money instead of using an oven or electric geyser.

Mental preparation for solar

Once you have accepted that Eskom and the government is not going to save you, and that all politicians are corrupt and not here to look after you, you are ready to do things for yourself.

The first step is to learn as much as you can about solar. Read this website. We are putting together a LOT of useful information to help you.

Next, understand what your energy needs are and how you can be more energy efficient. Even if you have the biggest and best solar system you still need to be careful about how you use energy.

Finally, don’t take shortcuts. Don’t accept the cheapest quote you can find. Solar is an INVESTMENT in your future.

Get the very best system that you can afford, even if it is a tiny system. You can always add on later but if you buy cheap and nasty now you will definitely have problems later.

Be wise.

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About the Author: Tony Lopes

Tony is the founder and editor of He has completed solar certifications and courses through Green Solar Academy. Tony's goal is to see solar panels on every roof-top in South Africa and the adoption of EVs and renewable technology across the African continent.