Inverter for Sale in South Africa: The Ultimate Guide to Inverter Shopping

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In today’s energy-conscious world, investing in an inverter has become a necessity for many households and businesses. With South Africa facing frequent power outages, having an alternative energy source is essential. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the world of inverters for sale in South Africa, helping you make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing the best inverter for your needs.

What is an Inverter and How Does It Work?

An inverter is an electronic device that converts direct current (DC) from sources like solar panels or batteries into alternating current (AC), which can be used to power household appliances and electrical devices. This conversion is vital because most appliances operate on AC, while energy storage systems usually produce DC.

The inverter’s primary function is to ensure a seamless transition from your primary power source, like the national grid, to an alternative source, such as solar energy or battery backup, during power outages or load shedding.

Benefits of Using an Inverter in South Africa

Investing in an inverter for sale in South Africa has several advantages, including:

  • Uninterrupted power supply: Inverters provide a continuous power source, ensuring your appliances and devices keep running during power outages, reducing downtime and inconvenience.
  • Energy savings: By using an inverter in conjunction with solar panels or a battery system, you can harness renewable energy, thereby reducing your reliance on the national grid and lowering your electricity bills.
  • Eco-friendly: Inverters are environmentally friendly, as they promote the use of renewable energy sources, reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Noise-free operation: Unlike generators, inverters operate silently, making them suitable for residential and office environments.

Types of Inverters

There are three main types of inverters for sale in South Africa, each with its own advantages and drawbacks:

  • Square wave inverters: These are the simplest and most affordable inverters available. However, they produce a less refined output, which may not be suitable for sensitive electronic devices.
  • Modified sine wave inverters: These inverters produce a better quality output than square wave inverters, making them suitable for most household appliances. They are more expensive than square wave inverters but still more affordable than pure sine wave inverters.
  • Pure sine wave inverters: These inverters produce the highest quality output, mimicking the waveform of the national grid. They are ideal for sensitive electronics and offer the best performance, but they come at a higher price.

Inverter Capacity

Inverters are rated by their power output, measured in watts (W) or volt-amps (VA). To determine the appropriate inverter capacity for your needs, calculate the total power consumption of the devices you plan to use simultaneously. It’s essential to consider both the continuous power output and the surge capacity of the inverter, as some appliances require more power during startup or heavy usage.

Top Inverter Brands in South Africa

Some of the top inverter brands available in South Africa include:


Mecer, a South African brand established in 1987, has earned its reputation as a leading provider of high-quality electronics and computer hardware. With a commitment to innovation, affordability, and reliability, Mecer has expanded its product line over the years to include a wide range of devices, such as laptops, desktops, monitors, tablets, and inverters.

Mecer inverters, in particular, have gained popularity for their efficiency and dependability, making them an excellent choice for various applications, including solar power systems and backup power supplies. As a homegrown brand, Mecer continues to serve the South African market by delivering top-notch products and support that cater to the unique needs of its customers.

Victron Energy

Victron Energy offers a wide range of high-quality inverters and inverter/charger combinations. Their products are known for their reliability, efficiency, and advanced features, making them popular among solar power system owners and off-grid enthusiasts.

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a global leader in energy management and automation, offering inverters that provide efficient and reliable power conversion. Their Conext and Xantrex series inverters are popular choices for residential and commercial solar installations.

SMA Solar Technology

SMA Solar Technology is a German-based company known for its reliable and efficient inverters. Their Sunny Boy and Sunny Island series inverters are widely used in grid-tied and off-grid solar power systems.


ABB’s inverter division was acquired by FIMER, an Italian company specializing in solar inverter technology. ABB/FIMER inverters are known for their efficiency, reliability, and wide range of capacities, suitable for various applications.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Inverter

When searching for an inverter for sale in South Africa, consider the following factors:

  • Power capacity: Choose an inverter with enough capacity to handle the total wattage of the appliances you plan to use. Calculate the total wattage by adding the wattage of each device you want to power.
  • Efficiency: Look for an inverter with a high efficiency rating, as this will ensure minimal energy loss during the conversion process.
  • Battery compatibility: Ensure that the inverter is compatible with the battery system you plan to use, whether it’s a lead-acid, lithium-ion, or any other type of battery.
  • Warranty and after-sales support: Opt for a reputable brand that offers a comprehensive warranty and reliable after-sales support.


Purchasing an inverter for sale in South Africa requires careful consideration of the type, capacity, and brand that best suits your needs. By understanding the different types of inverters, assessing your power requirements, and researching the top brands available, you can make an informed decision and enjoy the benefits of a reliable and efficient power supply. Remember to consult local retailers, solar power system installers, and online marketplaces to find the best deals and professional advice to ensure a smooth and successful purchase.

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