Commercial PV System Designer course at Green Solar Academy

Mastering Commercial PV System Design with Green Solar Academy

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In the evolving world of solar power, the ability to design robust and efficient commercial photovoltaic (PV) systems is more crucial than ever. Green Solar Academy, Africa’s premier training institute for solar power, offers a specialised course, “Commercial PV System Designer“, dedicated to mastering the design of roof-mounted PV systems for commercial applications.

I recently completed two e-learning (fully online) courses from Green Solar Academy, and I thoroughly enjoyed the course material and learned a ton!

These are the courses I did online:

Principles of PV Systems

PV Off-grid Technician

So, having experienced this academy for myself, I can whole-heartedly recommend their courses.


A Dive into the Course

This three-day advanced course is an intensive journey into the world of commercial PV system design. It equips participants with the knowledge and skills needed to design, supervise construction sites, and commission commercial PV systems up to 1 MWp​​.

Targeted Learning for Advanced Professionals

The course is aimed at technicians, engineers, architects, PV business owners, and planners with advanced knowledge in solar PV. It’s tailored for those looking to deepen their understanding and skills in solar PV design and for individuals who are more inclined towards the design aspects of PV systems rather than practical installation​​.

Comprehensive Curriculum

The course’s curriculum covers:

  • New module technology and mounting systems for rooftop and ground-mounted systems.
  • Electrical safety, anti-islanding protection devices, and fire risk assessment.
  • Feed-in prevention measurements.
  • Practical design exercises based on commercial rooftop system case studies.
  • Planning phase of commercial PV systems, including quotation preparation.
  • System sizing with PV*SOL software, focusing on the 3D tool, component selection, and reporting functions.

This well-rounded approach ensures that participants gain a holistic understanding of all critical aspects of commercial PV system design​​.

Hands-on Approach with Real Case Studies

Green Solar Academy’s unique teaching methods emphasize practical examples and exercises for maximum retention of learning material. The course includes hands-on practice on real case studies, providing a practical understanding of the concepts taught in the classroom​​.

Expert Trainers Sharing Valuable Insights

The trainers at Green Solar Academy are seasoned professionals with comprehensive experience in actual PV projects. Their teaching is informed by this practical experience, ensuring that participants learn from real-world scenarios and best practices​​.

International Accreditation and Recognition

The Solar Power Designer Commercial course is accredited by the German Solar Energy Society (DGS), and participants receive an internationally recognized certificate. In South Africa, the course is accredited by ECSA and the SAIEE, providing 3 CPD credits​​.

Prerequisites for Enrolment

To ensure that participants can fully benefit from this advanced course, it is recommended that they complete the SuperSolarSchool course or have equivalent pre-knowledge in the field of solar PV basics and grid-tied PV system design. This prerequisite ensures that all attendees are on a similar level of understanding and can delve deeper into complex topics without hindrance​​.

Pricing and Booking Information

The course, currently priced at ZAR 7200 (excluding VAT), offers an early bird discount for bookings made 8 weeks in advance. The fee includes lunch, coffee breaks, exercise handouts, and certificate fees. Interested individuals can book online at​​.

A Step Towards Advanced Solar Expertise

Green Solar Academy’s Commercial PV System Designer course is more than just a learning experience; it’s a stepping stone towards becoming an expert in the solar industry. It’s an investment in one’s professional development, opening doors to advanced opportunities in the rapidly growing field of solar energy. For anyone serious about making a significant impact in the commercial solar sector, this course is an essential part of their journey.

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