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SOLARWORLD Africa (Pty) Ltd has the fine track record of being one of the most established and longest standing importers and distributors of solar products on the African continent.

The company has been serving solar markets in Sub Saharan Africa and North African since 1984 and will soon be celebrating 40 years in existence.

SOLARWORLD Africa is based in Cape Town, South Africa with additional presences in Durban and Johannesburg. The company is headed up and owned by Gregor Kuepper who is a member of the photovoltaic division of SESSA (Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa) and on the Senior Council for the South African-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Solar and photovoltaic brands imported by SOLARWORLD Africa include, among others:

  • HanWha QCELLS: a premium solar energy brand founded in Germany
  • BYD (an American manufacturing company which stands for “Build Your Dreams”)
  • Huawei solar products
  • Meyer Burger
  • SMA
  • Tesvolt

This high quality solar portfolio represents some of Europe and Asia’s finest products across categories including PV modules, inverters, electric vehicle charging solutions and energy storage.

Solar experience and expertise

SOLARWORLD imports, designs and ships both complete PV systems and individual solar components that support projects ranging from complex commercial installations to smaller power supply projects in rural areas.

The company has contributed to an astounding 25,000+ projects since 1984 hallmarked by ongoing product testing, quality assurance and a drive towards improving efficiency.

The brands selected for inclusion in projects and for importing include only those deemed of a high enough standard to pass a rigorous selection process.

SOLARWORLD has longstanding partnerships across premium global solar manufacturers which enable distribution within short time frames and best prices.

The company also offers high-end technical support and ensures clients have access to the best local and international expertise.

What types of solar systems does SOLARWORLD enable?

Solar is an important component in renewable, cost-efficient energy provision for commercial, agricultural and residential environments.

The following factors are critical to long-term success of energy systems:

  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Cost effectiveness

These are applicable to both On- and Off-Grid systems.

SOLARWORLD enables these success factors through high quality products that are available when needed, affordable and supported by technical support excellence.

Contact details:

Phone: +27214218001

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