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Those who recently attended Krag Dag would have an experienced an expo of all things solar, water purification, agriculture and a number of other industries thrown in for good measure.

One of the companies represented at the event, which took place 11 to 13 August 2022 at Diamantvallei Landgoed, just south of Cullinan, was The Sun Pays.

This multi-faceted company has been in operation since 2007 and offers a significant product, service and support offering in solar, water filtration and hydroponics.

What does The Sun Pays specialize in?

The Sun Pays imports and distributes solar equipment across Southern Africa. Based in Rayton in Gauteng, they currently offer free delivery within a 100km range from Rayton for orders greater than R4,000 – but also free nationwide shipping on inverters and lithium batteries for retail customers.

Contact information for The Sun Pays

Company name: The Sun Pays

Physical address: 1069 Van Rooyen Street, Rayton, Gauteng, South Africa

Email addresses:


Landline number: +27 12 734 0915

WhatsApp number: +27 82 515 1655

Website address:

What products do The Sun Pays import?

The Sun Pays offers a very wide range of solar products on their online store.

The product categories are currently represented as follows:


Inverters offered include those from Chinese inverter manufacturer Sacolar (Shenzhen Sacolar New Energy Co.,Ltd.) which range from approximately R9,000 to R11,000 per unit and can be purchased in a pallet of 12 x 5 kVA units for about R115,000.

Solar Panels

The Sun Pays offers both polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar panel options with an average price range of R2,500 per 340 Watt module.

Modules offered have a 17.5% efficiency and product warranty of 12 years and design life warranty of 30 years.

Modules are certified through German TUV certification, International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and European Union CE-marking certification. The CE marking means the product confirms with European health, safety and environmental standards.

Retrofit Manifold Systems

Retrofit Manifold Systems are systems designed to convert existing geysers into a solar thermal heating system.

Systems offered range from 10- to 24-tube high pressure solar collector manifold kits, which range in price from approximately R6,000 to R12,400.

Solar Batteries

The Sun Pays sells Lithium Ion solar batteries and accessories.

The Sun Pays branded battery:

  • 4.8 kWh Lithium Ion with touch screen
  • Compatible with a number of welll-known inverter brands including Victron, Sunsynk, Growatt and more
  • Weight: 42 kg
  • Long-lasting with 10+ year design life dependent on usage
  • Sells for approximately R22,000 currently

Solar Accessories

The Sun Pays sells a variety of solar installation accessories for solar installers and DIY solar enthusiasts.

Products range from connectors and connector sets to solar cables, fuses, breakers, earth rods, battery lugs and more.

Solar Panel Mountings

It is vital that solar panel modules are correctly and securely fitted to the roof or base stand using proper mounting equipment.

The Sun Pays offers mounting equipment that include anti-theft features, galvanizing and rust resistance.

Mountings are specified for various roof types including the common Roman-type roof tiles.

Mounting components can be purchased individually or as kits.

Low Pressure Geysers

The Sun Pays sells products to enable the installation and management of close-coupled low-pressure geyers which are very cost-effective for water heating.

Related accessories sold include elements, thermostats and intelligent geyser controllers to allow for optimal water heating and cost saving.

Portable Solar

The range of portable solar products sold by The Sun Pays includes portable solar power banks and portable power stations.

Solar Power Banks include LED headlight, DC output ports, USB output port for mobile phone charging and mini flood lights.

The solar power banks can be charged by the sun for 10 to 12 hours which then gives 8 to 24 hours of battery use, making them ideal for camping, outdoor activities and emergency power needs. Power banks sell for R75 to R500 currently.

The Portable Power Stations are sold in the 1000 Watt and 500 Watt models. These are pure sine wave inverters with built in MPPT solar charger, AC charger and battery, and support solar panels up to 120 W (not included).

The battery in the portable power station is lithium ion and requires approximately 7 hours to charge by solar panel (and 6 hours by adaptor or car).

The 500 Watt model currently sells for approximately R8,000 and the 1000 Watt model for R14,000.

Solar Pumps

Those looking to be more self-reliant or go off-grid in terms of both energy and water will find the range of solar pumps sold by The Sun Pays interesting.

Products include a range of solar borehole pumps which include positive displacement and centrifugal pumps powered by solar panels. All pumps include a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) pump controller. Centrifugal pumps are best used for low pressure environments and positive displacement pumps for high pressure applications.

Solar borehole pumps come with a 1-year warranty and a specified power rating guide so that the correct solar panel configuration is applied during installation.

The Sun Pays also offers 500 W and 900 W solar pool pumps (between R9k and R11k each) and a range of circulation and submersible solar pumps.

This guide shows you how many solar panels you need per pump.

Water Filters

South Africa is facing an imminent water crisis similar to load shedding, as a result of poorly managed water infrastructure. Water filters are therefore a necessity.

The Sun Pays offers a variety of water filter solutions including:

  • 2-stage water filters
  • Triple-stage water filters
  • 5-stage reverse osmosis water filters with digital display
  • 8-stage reverse osmosis water filters
  • Central purification system with activated carbon filter
  • Water filtering accessories and replacement filters

Systems range from R465 to R7,365 at current prices.

Solar Charge Controllers

The Sun Pays sells a range of solar charge controllers manufactured by EPEVER, a Chinese company.

The XTRA (10-A-40A) series is an advanced MPPT charge controller for off-grid solar PV systems and is designed to provide stability and control for large PV module systems. This model supports both lead-acid and lithium ion batteries and offers a tracking efficiency of 99.5%.

Enclosures are designed with IP33 standards for engress protection and weigh from 0.5kg to 2.5kg, depending on the model.

Charge power ratings range from 130 Watt on the low end to 1560 Watt on the high end.

You can expect to pay approximately R2,445 for the EPEVER EXTRA 30A MPPT charge controller at current prices.

Hydroponic Systems

Those wanting to grow their own plant products will find an interesting range of systems and products for sale.

The Pineapple Tower Home Grow Hydroponics System currently sells for R6,000 and has space for 80 plants. The Tower is suitable for flowers, vegetables, fruit, herbs and medicinal plants and uses 90% less water than traditional gardening methods.

Other services offered

The Sun Pays website includes excellent buying guides, a solar sizing tool and information about how to set up an online solar monitoring tool (TSP Solar Bot) for remote monitoring of systems.

They also offer comprehensive technical support on all the products they sell through their website.

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